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About CargoWin

Our Goals

To shorten the logistics chain by enabling a direct communication between shippers and carriers. To automate and facilitate the negotiation and execution processes of B2B freight transportation.

CargoWin idea

We, the founders of CargoWin, have been working in logistics for a long period. We were aware of a necessity of a tool that would allow to find freight or carriers and make deals faster. We decided to take the initiative and create a platform that in Lithuania did not exist yet. During the time our idea evolved. At first we wanted to establish a freight exchange that is based not as a "notice-board" but as an auction.

After starting to communicate with manufacturing companies, we understood that establishing a simple auction will not lead us to success. An open exchange is a concern of logistics intermediaries as they earn from equity. For this reason a "hunt" of the cheapest carrier and keeping a "good price" for a shipper at once is a fortune of an intermediary. The manufacturing and trading companies lastly are oriented to create a circle of "trusted" carriers to whom the shipments are entrusted. It was found out that such activity requires automation, improvement and simplification of some repetitive actions. Thus, we decided to create a platform that would enable more effective negotiations and a control of their further execution.

We started to work on this project in April, 2016. More similar projects emerged during that year. However, we believe that since the very beginning CargoWin had a bigger potential and provided shippers and carriers both with a more flexible tool than any other existing project. This tool will enable the clients to work more easily and productively.

For now we will also be distinguished for our pricing. You will have to pay for using CargoWin only after getting the "result". There are no monthly fees. Read HERE

Our Team

Arnoldas Rūškys 
Arnoldas Rūškys
Director and project manager

Deividas Lubys
Sales manager
Martynas Čiuželis